After more than 10 years developing algorithms for facial image analysis, in 2010 the Carnegie Mellon and University of Pittsburgh teams started to integrate the algorithms into IntraFace. Five years later, IntraFace has seen the light. IntraFace was partially supported by National Science Foundation (NSF-RI-1116583), National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH RO1 NH096951, MH099487-01A1, R21 MH099487-01A1), FHWA (DTFH61-14-C-00001), the Robotics Institute, gift and discretionary funding. There were many people involved that have contributed directly or indirectly to IntraFace. Few of them are:

Xavier Boix, Ricardo Cervera, Jeff Cohn, Vincent Chu, Fernando De la Torre, Leon Ding, Marc Estruch, Dong Huang, Takeo Kanade, Tomas Simon, Santiago Ortega, Francisco Vicente, Xuehan Xiong, Zengyin Zhang.

The current version is 1.0 and the Human Sensing Laboratory no longer supports the software.